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Game Developer Level-5 Announces Manga Publishing Site Manga-5

The Map Maker published by Manga-5

Level-5, a video game developer and publisher located in Fukuoka, Japan, has announced their new creation, Manga-5. Manga-5 is a website where people can read other people’s manga at the same time that they share their own.

According to Anime News Network, both professionals and amateurs are welcome to submit their work. There will be contests for mangaka to compete in, and Code Geass Lelouch Japanese actor Jun Fukuyama will publish some of his work here.

Level 5 has also released a list of manga that it will automatically publish on Manga-5:

  • The Map Makers by Yoichi Komori and Syuji Takeya
  • Kabushiki Gaisha Gokudо Game Gumi by Monkey Chop
  • Cleo to Fushisha no Mori by Taisuke Umeki
  • Enma no Kyūjitsu by Yumiko Sudо̄
  • Kiwami no Shiina by Daiki Watanabe and Ume
  • Daijōbu Club by Mai Inoue
  • Yorozu Kagiya no Jikenjо by Shо Shibamoto
  • Hosuto! Gоenji no Hitorigoto by Miho Asada
  • Otome Yūsha ~Next Adventure~ by Chisa Saeki, Chihatsu Kurahana, and Rei Kondoh

The site launches Thursday, October 15.

Source: Anime News Network

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