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Latest Must-See Cup Noodle Ad Features Magical Girl Transformations

You’re going to want to see this.

Nissin, the makers of Cup Noodle, have been killing it lately with awesome viral videos promoting their instant ramen.

Last time around idol Kanna Hashimoto pulled off some crazy Cup Noodle-related stunts, and this time, and this time she’s back with Cup Noodle helping transform her into a magical girl ala Sailor Moon.

But wait – Hashimoto’s not the only one getting the maho shoujo treatment. The other actor undergoing noodley transformation is none other than 78-year-old Tatsuo Umemiya, most well-known in the west for his turn in the ultra-dark gangster flick Graveyard of Honor.

Ah, Japan.

What will Cup Noodle think up next?

Source: Fernando Ramos

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