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Land of the Lustrous Manga to Return from Hiatus After 3 Months

land of the lustrous

Haruko Ichikawa’s Land of the Lustrous manga went on hiatus in October 2023, but it’s now getting ready to return. According to the March issue of Kodansha’s Afternoon magazine, the manga will be back in the pages of the magazine when the next issue hits shelves in Japan on February 24, 2024.

Land of the Lustrous launched in Afternoon back in 2012, and was adapted into a 12-episode TV anime series by Orange, which HIDIVE streamed in North America. The previous hiatus ran from December 2020 to June 2022.

Kodansha USA publishes the Land of the Lustrous manga in English and describes it like so:

In a world inhabited by crystalline lifeforms called The Lustrous, every unique gem must fight for their way of life against the threat of lunarians who would turn them into decorations. Phosphophyllite, the most fragile and brittle of gems, longs to join the battle. When Phos is instead assigned to complete a natural history of their world, it sounds like a dull and pointless task. But this new job brings Phos into contact with Cinnabar, a gem forced to live in isolation. Can Phos’s seemingly mundane assignment lead both Phos and Cinnabar to the fulfillment they desire?

Via Anime News Network