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Diamonds Are Forever in Land of the Lustrous on Home Video

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Life is a day-to-day matter of survival for Phos and the rest of the gems in the Land of the Lustrous anime. One of the most stunningly-produced series in recent years is now available in a complete collection on Blu-ray, and you can bask in its glittery sheen by ordering a copy of your own today.

land of the lustrous

Phos and the gems live a relatively simple and modest existence, but their outward beauty and luxuriously fragile features aren’t lost on their enemies. Thus, they have to train and work together to defend themselves against the mysterious Lunarians, who regularly descend to poach the gems and use them to create priceless ornaments and jewelry.

Unfortunately, every gem has their own level of hardness, and Phos is too weak and brittle to fight. Instead, her mission involves doing research and compiling an encyclopedia. Could there be more to this humble mission, though, and could the secrets uncovered result in knowledge that helps the gems survive?

land of the lustrous

There’s no series quite like Land of the Lustrous, and its journey is one you’ll want to take over and over again. Order your copy now and you’ll be able to secure the SteelBook Edition, which is limited to the first run only.

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