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Katsuhiro Otomo at Work on New Manga?

Katsuhiro Otomo at Work on New Manga?Katsuhiro Otomo, he of Akira, Domu, Short Peace and many more legendary manga, hinted on X/Twitter yesterday that he may be at work on a new manga series.

He (or his staff) tweeted a freshly illustrated picture of Kiyoko, the prescient Esper from Akira, saying, “I had a dream that Otomo-sensei drew a new manga.” This is, of course, a reference to her famous line in the manga and anime about dreaming of the destruction of Neo-Tokyo.

The tweet accompanying the illustration reads “Kiyoko’s prophetic dream will become reality.”

The illustration seems to be linked to the recent Akira cel exhibition that just wrapped up in Osaka.

Awesome news! But not so fast: Otomo-sensei is the king of announcing stuff that doesn’t happen (or hasn’t happened yet, at least). Take, for example, the new manga set in the Meiji era that was revealed way back in 2012. Hasn’t happened yet. Or how about the movie Orbital Era, announced back in 2019? Haven’t heard a peep about that since 2020. Ah, and the planned new Akira series announced at the same time? What happened with that?

Anyway, it’d be wonderful if all this stuff came to fruition. In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy rewatching Akira for the thousandth time.

Source: ANN

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