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Kaneda’s Official Jacket from Akira Can Be Yours for $450

kaneda's jacket

Have you ever wanted to dress just like Kaneda in Akira? Well, if you have $450 to spare, you can do just that thanks to a recreation of his iconic red jacket. Funimation announced the exclusive release of the limited edition leather jacket designed by Carlo Levy, Alesandro Trombetta, and Steffan Henzgen, with the premium item set to go on sale via the Funimation Shop starting on Tuesday, July 13.

So just how limited will this jacket be? If you want to get your hands on Kaneda’s gear, you’ll want to act fast, because only 300 units will be available for the $450 item.

According to the press release, the jacket has been years in the making under Levy’s supervision. Here’s what the managing director of DYBEX S.A. had to say about it: “I always dreamed of having a replica of the iconic jacket and was surprised it hadn’t been created by anyone outside of Japan yet, so I did what any super fan would do…I went after the license and had our team design it!”

You’ll be able to order the jacket here on July 13.