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Jun Maeda’s New TV Anime at Key and P.A. Works Revealed

jun maeda

Angel Beats! and Charlotte writer Jun Maeda has been teasing a new anime project, and the reveal is finally here. The brand new title has Aniplex, Key, and P.A. Works teaming up to produce The Day I Became a God, which is currently set to premiere on TV in Japan this October.

Jun Maeda is working on the original story and script, with Na-Ga (Angel Beats!, Charlotte)—who drew the visual above—on character designs. Check out the teaser trailer below.


Hina, a girl who awakens as a God, foreshadows the “end of the world.” So, she chooses a boy.

As a companion to watch over, at the end…

Source: P.A. Works via Crunchyroll