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Japan’s Top Bodybuilder is Now Official Baki Anime Supporter


As if the Baki anime didn’t have enough beefy boys in its cast of characters, it now has a real one backing it up as an official supporter. This particular appointment has been granted to 25-year-old Naotaka Yokokawa, Japan’s top bodybuilder who previously won the JBBF Japan Bodybuilding Championship in 2019.

The announcement came from the official website for the Baki anime, which adapts the manga of the same name by Keisuke Itagaki. Yokokawa is a big fan of the Baki manga, and Yujiro Hanma even inspired him to begin training.

Yokokawa reacted to the announcement:

“I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it, more than when I won the bodybuilding championship in Japan. It is like a dream, my efforts have finally paid off. I feel so glad that I have continued to love Baki and Yujiro Hanma. I grew up reading Baki and admiring Yujiro, then I have finally come this far. The way I have lived my life and my way of thinking is all I have learned from Baki. Thanks to Baki, a person named Naotaka Yokokawa was completed. It’s the very essence of my youth. If it weren’t for Baki, I wouldn’t exist.”

Source: Official Baki website via Crunchyroll