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Japanese Viewers List Top Summer 2014 Anime

Kotaku just posted the results of a poll of Japanese viewers and what they’ve been enjoying this summer. Of the total 36 shows (not counting shows left over from spring!) airing this season, a group of 578 anime fans picked their top 10 for music site Recochoku. Before scrolling down, can you guess what came in at number one?

We’ll give you a minute.

Okay, ready?

It was none other than Free! Eternal Summer, the sequel to last year’s hit about hot high school guys swimmin’ around. Not a huge surprise here, as Free!’s got a pretty dedicated fanbase (also, “summer” is right there in the title).

Coming in at number two was Sword Art Online II (“two” is in the title; again, the parallels are mindblowing!), and number three was Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, which I must admit I haven’t caught up on yet.

But, dear readers – what is your favorite anime of the summer?!

The complete list:

1. Free! Eternal Summer

2. Sword Art Online II

3. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

4. Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus

5. Blue Spring Ride

6. Tokyo Ghoul

7. Terror in Resonance

8. Aldnoah.Zero

9. Akame ga KILL!

10. Barakamon

Source: Kotaku

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