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Princess Jellyfish live-action movie trailer

Whoa, this one kind of came out of nowhere. We hadn’t heard anything about this being in production, but suddenly there’s a trailer for a live-action Princess Jellyfish movie. Check it out!

Princess Jellyfish is, of course, a manga and subsequent anime about Tsukimi, a jellyfish-obsessed girl who lives in an all-girl’s dormitory with a group of other female otaku, who worship stuff like trains, Romance of the Three Kingdoms and classic Japan to socially unacceptable levels.

Tsukimi’s otaku life gets upended when she makes friends with none other than a gorgeous crossdressing boy and his elite prep school brother.

The film, which debuts in Japan December 27th, stars Rena Nonen (Hot Road) as Tsukimi and is directed by Taisuke Kawamura, who’s previously adapted manga like Nodame Cantabile for TV.

The 11-episode anime series is available on Blu-ray and DVD from Funimation.

Source: ANN

Matt Schley

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