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Japanese Fans Rank the Manga They Want to Continue Forever

Will One Piece continue forever?

Will these long-running manga series ever end? Not if the fans have anything to do with it.

Ranking site Goo just asked its readers to choose the manga series they hope go on forever, and here are their top 20 picks:

Date in parentheses indicates year manga began.

20. Vagabond (1998)

19. Berserk (1989)

18. Hajime no Ippo (1989)

17. Patalliro! (1978)

16. Grappler Baki series (1991)

15. Super Mario-kun (1990)

14. Prince of Tennis series (1999)

13. Sunset on Third Street (1974)

12. Futari Ecchi (1997)

11. Captain Tsubasa series (1981)

10. Golgo 13 (1968)

9. Glass Mask (1974)

8. Tsuribaka Nisshi (1979)

7. Hell Teacher Nube series (1993)

6. Cooking Papa (1985)

5. Hunter x Hunter (1998)

4. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (1987)

3. The Kindaichi Case Files (1992)

2. One Piece (1997)

1. Detective Conan (1994)

No huge surprises up top: after decades in publication, Conan and One Piece remain two of Japan’s most popular manga series. The oldest series on the list? Golgo 13, which has been running since 1968, and is written and illustrated by the 80-year-old Takao Saito.

What manga do you hope continue forever?

Source: Goo

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