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The Complete Classic Glass Mask Anime Makes Its Blu-ray Debut

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Acting can be a truly cutthroat profession, and aspiring 13-year-old Maya Kitajima is about to discover its many ups and downs for herself. Drama is the name of the game in the 1984 anime Glass Mask, and the classic will officially be available in a complete collection when it hits Blu-ray on September 4.

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Maya’s ultimate dream comes true when legendary actress Chigusa Tsukikage plucks her out from obscurity and gives her the opportunity to study at a prestigious acting school. Naturally, Maya isn’t the only would-be actress in the mix, though, and she soon ends up with a determined rival in the form of Ayumi Himekawa.

Ayumi is determined to make it as the greatest actress of her generation, which just so happens to be the same dream Maya has had since the very beginning. Together they vie for the ultimate goal of the role of the Crimson Goddess in the play of the same name, stoking competitive flames that will roar throughout all the dramatic ups and downs you would expect from a timeless shoujo tale.

glass mask

Based on the manga by Suzue Miuchi, Glass Mask‘s story is one of dedication, perseverance, rivalry, and going beyond the limits to pursue one’s passion. Maiden Japan’s Complete Collection packs in all 22 episodes on three discs, and you can pre-order your copy today ahead of its September 4 launch.

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