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Japanese Fans Complain About Voice Actor Overexposure

Japanese Fans Complain About Voice Actor OverexposureIn recent years, the job of a Japanese voice actor seems to have extended far beyond the recording booth. Voice actors now attend live events, make stage appearances, show up on TV and magazines, and run popular social media accounts.

For some fans, this is part of the fun. But others, it appears, have had enough with the extracurriculars.

That’s according, at least, to a thread that popped up recently on Japanese social media service Girls Channel. On that thread, the original poster complained that she doesn’t like seeing what anime voice actors look like. Many others chimed in with comments like:

  • “If I see the actor’s face, I can no longer lose myself in the anime.”
  • “Voice actors appearing in swimsuit pinups? It has nothing to do with voice acting.”
  • “I definitely don’t want to see them, but these days, you can’t avoid it. You just have to build up a tolerance.”
  • “If the character and the actor look too different, I get this awkward feeling.”

Others pushed back, arguing that idol-type voice actors are something else entirely, and that if you only watch anime, you shouldn’t have a problem.

How do you feel about viewing the visages of voice actors?

Source: Otakomu

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