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Japanese Designer Builds Machine to “Escape” from Zoom Meetings

Japanese Designer Builds Machine to “Escape” from Zoom MeetingsWe’ve entered an age in which parties, meetups, meetings and dates have moved online to Zoom or other platforms. It’s great we have the technology to connect, but there are times when Zoom meetings can go on and on. But how to make a graceful exit?

Leave it to Marina Fujiwara, a self-proclaimed designer of “useless machines.” Her latest invention is a distinctly DIY “loading circle machine for escape from Zoom.” Let’s see it in action:

There you have it: a foolproof way to exit any boring Zoom meeting with no hard feelings.

Check out Fujiwara’s other inventions, including a computer mouse that refuses to do work and a string telephone for talking to herself. Genius.

Meanwhile, here’s another, slightly more practical COVID-related invention from Japan.

Source: Twitter

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