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The Irregular at Magic High School Surpasses 20 Million Copies in Circulation

The Irregular at Magic High School Surpasses 20 Million Copies in CirculationHere’s some happy news for The Irregular at Magic High School. Between its various volumes of light novels and manga, the franchise now has over 20 million copies in circulation.

That’s a lot of irregularity.

The whole franchise sprung from the mind of one Tsutomu Sato, who started the series as a web novel back in 2008. In 2011, he moved into the world of print, and the light novel series is still going today.

Meanwhile, the light novels have inspired multiple manga and anime adaptations. That includes season 2 of the TV anime, which just finished airing in December 2020. That 13-episode season covered the Visitor Arc.

Congratulations to Sato and everyone else who’s helped make The Irregular at Magic High School a 20+ million seller.

Here’s how Yen On describes the first volume of the light novel series:

The year is 2095. Magic has been tamed as another form of technology, and the practice of magic is now a rigorous discipline. Brother and sister Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba are just about to start their first year at the renowned First Magic High School of Japan. But the school’s ironclad rules mean that the brilliant Miyuki enters the prestigious Course 1, while her older brother, Tatsuya, is relegated to Course 2–and that’s just the beginning of their troubles!

Source: ANN

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