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Hozuki’s Coolheadedness 2 Anime Return Date Set

hozuki's coolheadednessThe Hozuki no Reitetsu anime, AKA Hozuki’s Coolheadedness, is preparing to come back to TV in Japan with more underworld office antics. The second cour of Hozuki’s Coolheadedness 2 now has a premiere date, with broadcasting set to kick off on Tokyo MX and other stations on April 7.

The opening theme has also been revealed. “Haikei, Jigoku Yori” (“To Whom It May Concern, From Hell”) features the in-character performances of vocal unit YOUR SONG IS GOOD, composed of Hozuki (Hiroki Yasumoto ), King Enma (Takashi Nagasako), Shiro (Yumiko Kobayashi), Kakisuke (Hiroki Gotō), Rurio (Takashi Matsuyama), Zashiki-warashi Ichiko (Satomi Satō), Niko (Yui Ogura), and Karashi (Atsumi Tanezaki).

hozuki's coolheadedness

Based on the manga by Natsumi Eguchi and produced by Studio Deen, the first cour of Hozuki’s Coolheadedness 2 is currently available to stream on HIDIVE. Here’s how they describe it:

Just as in this life, the afterlife needs a calm troubleshooter to deal with the bureaucratic headaches that come from keeeping things in order. Enter Hozuki: a cool and collected demon who’s badly in need of a vacation.

Source: Ota-suke via Crunchyroll