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The Beefy Magical Girls of Mahou Shoujo Ore Arrive on April 2

mahou shoujo oreAnother anime we can look forward to this April is Mahou Shoujo Ore, based on the manga by Icchokusen Mōkon. The series follows high-schooler and rookie idol Saki Uno, who has a crush on her best friend’s older brother, Mohiro. When demons kidnap Mohiro, Saki ends up making a hasty contract that will let her turn into a magical girl… only the transformation places her in the body of a hunky dude.

The official website for the anime updated this week with a new promo, visual, and a more concrete April 2 premiere date.

Here’s the visual:

mahou shoujo ore

Mahou Shoujo Ore is directed by Itsuro Kawasakki (Rental Magica), with Yukiko Abe (Jewelpet Twinkle) on character designs for the Pierrot+ production.

Source: MoCa News via Anime News Network