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Hirogaru Sky! PreCure – 3 Things We Know So Far

Hirogaru Sky PreCure is on the way!

Next month, Hirogaru Sky! PreCure soars into action! With a new trailer and key visual available at last, we’re learning all sorts of things about the upcoming magical girl anime. But what do we know so far?

While we navigate the end of this season’s Delicious Party, we’re taking a look at what’s to follow. There are a few cool points so far—here’s what we’ve discovered!


It has an unusual lead heroine

Sora is literally out of this world

More often than not in the PreCure franchise, our “leader” is the pink Cure… kind of like red rangers in Super Sentai. There are exceptions, of course, but the vast majority think pink. This time, though, she’s blue… and considering her theming, it makes total sense. Sora, a.k.a. Cure Sky, is our “hero girl” of the year, coming from far away to rescue the kidnapped princess of her home kingdom.

That’s the other thing—this Cure isn’t from our world! She hails from Sky Land, while at least one other member of the team is from much closer to home. Speaking of which…


There are (at least) four Cures

The team and baby Elle-chan.

PreCure teams come in all sizes. The very first started as a pair, and it’s common to go back to that format… or to at least have a duo at the center of the story. In addition to Cure Sky, we’ll be meeting Cure Prism—a.k.a. Mahiro. But our first key visual shows two more will eventually be entering the fray.

At present, we only know their transformed names. Cure Wing (in orange) and Cure Butterfly (in pink) have no civilian names or voice actors attached yet. Will they come from Earth? Sky Land? Somewhere else entirely? And how will they interact with our central duo of Sky and Prism? Hopefully we’ll find out more soon! It also bears mentioning that there could still be more Cures than these on the way. It’s relatively common for side characters, and even villains, to join the team mid-season. We’ll just have to wait and see!


It’s the 20th Anniverary!

The 20th season

Hirogaru Sky! PreCure is flying high to mark 20 seasons of the Pretty Cure franchise… which is kind of hard to believe. But here we are, after all this time, with tons of Cures going into battle every year. So what will this anniversary season hold? It’s anyone’s guess, but it should be fun!

Previous seasons have marked anniversaries with special intros from past Cures, as well as appearances in-series from Cure Black and Cure White. 20 series is a huge milestone, so we can’t wait to see how the creators commemorate it!

Hirogaru Sky! PreCure debuts February 5!

This season is already full of hero girls… including these three who could destroy us easily.

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