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Yukari Takes the Stage in New Pole Princess!! Anime Promo

pole princess!

A new character-centric promo recently went online for pole dancing anime Pole Princess!, which is in the works at Avex Pictures and Tatsunoko Production. The latest trailer shows off a routine featuring Yukari Mikoshiro—voiced in the anime by Yoshino Nanjo, who performs the “Queen of Fairy Sky” song in the video—with choreography by Ayaka of STUDIO TRANSFORM.

Check it out below while we wait for more on the upcoming original anime. 

 Pole Princess!! is in the works at Tatsunoko Production. The anime is being directed by Hitomi Ezoe (episodes of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure), with Touko Machida (Wake Up, Girls!) on the scripts and tomari (PriPara) handling character designs. 

Via Anime News Network