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Here It Is: Yowapeda Underwear

Guys have had a monopoly on otaku underwear for too long now! The Sonicos, the Lucky Star set, even Excalibur for the bold: this is a dude-with-his-anime-wife-printed-on-an-intimate-location-dominated market. Enterprising merchandiser GATE has realized that girls might perhaps wear their anime husbands underneath their clothes as well.

Hence the Yowamushi Pedal boxer brief. But, you say to me, boxers, that’s dude underwear! What about Sailor Moon lingerie? And I say to you, shut up, that’s practically formal wear anyway! We know who likes Yowamushi Pedal enough to buy the “bike shorts,” and it ain’t little boys.

The fujoshi wave thus rages onwards. This anime battle of the sexes is ultimately going to be determined by who buys the most – and most embarrassing – pieces of merch like hug pillows, branded boxers, and ultimately anime-decorated cars. Anyway, where are my Nozaki-kun boxers?

Source: Amiami

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