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Hacka Doll Director Responds to 2chan Criticism

A comment about the quality of the currently-airing series Hacka Doll the Animation posted Sunday on 2chan prompted a rather direct response from Hacka Doll director Ikuo Geso, setting off a flurry of comments from other 2chan users.

The original 2chan comment was a complaint about the animation quality of Hacka Doll, which is currently halfway through its 13-episode order. The commenter stated that director Geso should stop leaving the drawing of scenes to others and handle the entire process himself.

Geso responded on Twitter four minutes later, stating “basically, you’re asking me to drop dead in the middle of the night.”

The 2chan thread, which picked up on Geso’s reply, mostly responded in his defense or expressed shock the director reads 2chan. One commenter joked, “now that we know Geso is reading this thread, maybe if we ask for something to happen it’ll show up in next week’s episode.”

Engaging on social media can be dangerous for anime creators. Last year Haikyu!! animator Ayumi Kuroiwa was fired for posting erotic Haikyu!! fanart and revealing details about her work.

We suspect Geso’s in the clear on this one, though.

Source: Yaraon

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