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Show by Rock!! Official Bicycle Revealed

A certain segment of Japanese otaku get around in style (or complete lack thereof) in itasha, literally “painful cars,” automobiles brightly decorated with their favorite anime characters. There’s even a bicycle version, the itachari, and Tokyo MX and Sanrio have teamed up to create an official painful bicycle for their series Show by Rock!!.

The Show by Rock!! bicycle, which celebrates the rhythm video game-turned-anime about becoming the best band in Midi City, comes in five variations, is equipped with 26-inch wheels, and goes for ¥699,999, which with today’s exchange rate comes out to $5,715.

The bike also comes with a autograph from voice actress Eri Inagawa, who plays Cyan.

“That’ll be $5,715, please!”

Exorbitantly expensive? Yes. Totally useless? Yes. But man, just look at that bike.

Just look at it.

Source: Ururunrokii

Matt Schley

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