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Godzilla Resurgence Suit Photos Leaked

Those looking forward to the upcoming Shinji Higuchi/Hideaki Anno-helmed Godzilla film got a surprise today, as photos leaked from Toho Studios show the new version of the Big G set to hit screens in July.

The photos, which were likely taken on a cell phone and leaked by someone inside the studio, reveal Godzilla’s scales looking like the “keloid scars” of hydrogen bomb victims, says Godzilla expert August Ragone.

The new Godzilla suit, which will be operated by a team of three people, was designed by Mahiro Maeda (Mad Max: Fury Road, Evangelion). The suit revealed in the leaked photos “may not be [Godzilla’s] only form,” according to Ragone.

The film, which is officially titled Godzilla Resurgence in English, is due out in Japan July 29.

Source: August Ragone

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