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Gantz Creator Vents About Live-Action Manga Adaptations

Hiroya Oku, writer and illustrator of sci-fi manga Gantz, took to Twitter yesterday to vent his frustrations about recent live-action adaptations of manga and anime.

Here’s what Oku had to say:

Why do these live-action manga movies continue to get made? Even if you disregard the original content and just take a famous manga and add some popular celebrities, lots of people will go to see them – that’s why. The people who make these films aren’t thinking about the core fans at all. If these films weren’t profitable, they wouldn’t keep making them.


“Hold on, Hiroya,” you might be thinking, “wasn’t Gantz made into a live-action film too?” To which Oku would respond:

Properties like Gantz or I Am a Hero are different, because they’re actually feasible. The main characters are Japanese and the story takes place in Japan. It’s manga with fantasy settings that are impossible.


The recent adaptation of I Am a Hero was directed by Shinsuke Sato, who also directed 2011’s Gantz films.

Oku’s criticism of live-action manga movies wasn’t limited to Japanese films, either. In response to a tweet about Dragonball Evolution, Oku said, “Hollywood has absolutely no respect for the original works.”

A new CG film called Gantz:O will hit Japan October 14.

Source: Yaraon

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