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New Teaser for Live-Action Gantz Movie

The YouTube video below, as originally aired on NTV in Japan, offers a brief (55 second) glimpse at what to expect from Shinsuke Sato’s (The Princess Blade) live-action adaptation of Hiroya Oku’s Gantz manga.

The series, which is still ongoing in Weekly Young Jump, has been made available on our shores courtesy Dark Horse, and is very much worth picking up. It’s tough to tell whether or not Sato’s take on it will do it justice, or if it’s going to be another incredibly low-budget example of modern Japanese filmmaking. Take a peek at the teaser below, grainy behind-the-scenes clips and all, and see what you think so far.

We probably won’t need to focus on every tidbit that arises throughout the year, seeing as Gantz isn’t schedule to release until 2011, but this should tide over anyone with a tinge of curiosity for the time being.

Source [Nippon Cinema]