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Eva 2.22 Blu-ray/DVD Will Contain Long Version, Deleted Scenes

This should come as good news for anyone that double-dipped on FUNimation’s Evangelion 1.0 and 1.11 releases. The Japanese Blu-ray and DVD editions of the second in the rebuild series, Evangelion: 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance, will feature the longer version of the film along with other bonus features.

Scheduled for a May 26 release, the extended version clocks in at 111 minutes and 49 seconds, whereas the theatrical release ran 108 minutes. Special features include deleted scenes, the “Noguchi ver.” of the “I Would Give You Anything” scene, multiple trailers and TV spots, and the 2.22 version’s recording script.

The first pressing of the Japanese Blu-ray/DVD will also include a film strip from the theatrical release’s reels, as well as a deluxe booklet. I wouldn’t hold my breath for that (if you plan on importing, just be aware that there are no English subs listed), but at least now all we have to do is wait patiently for the US release.

Source [ANN]