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Funimation Announces ZOMBIE LAND SAGA REVENGE Dub Cast and Crew

Episode 1 of ZOMBIE LAND SAGA REVENGE becomes available dubbed at Funimation today, so Funimation released information on the cast and crew.

Bryn Apprill plays Ai, AmaLee plays Junko, Ricco Fajardo plays Kotaro, Sarah Wiedenheft plays Lily, Caitlin Glass plays Saki, Brina Palencia plays Sakura, Dawn M. Bennett plays Tae, Stephanie Young plays Yugiri, Cris George plays Bulk, Austin Tindle plays Dirty Harry, Alejandro Saab plays Romero, Mike McFarland plays Skull, and R Bruce Elliot plays Xu Fu.

Turning to the crew, Jād Saxton is the ADR director, Rickey Watkins is the Lead ADR Engineer, and Katelyn Barr is ADR scriptwriter.

Funimation gave this description of the anime:

“Everyone’s favorite zombie idol group is back (from the dead) for another tour!

It’s a new year and a new era in Japan, and Sakura Minamoto and the other members of Franchouchou are more determined than ever to save Saga Prefecture with their growing fame…while recovering long-lost memories of their past lives.”

Source: Funimation


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