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Here’s Your Hype Playlist for ZOMBIE LAND SAGA REVENGE


ZOMBIE LAND SAGA REVENGE is on the way! Premiering this spring, the show will continue the story of the unlikely undead idol stars. Franchouchou hasn’t taken the hiatus lying down, though. They’ve been spending their time doing concerts, collaborations, and albums.

So if you want to get into the zombie idol mood, get yourself going with these Franchouchou tunes. Some are from the show, while others came out in the time between. Which are your favorites?


“Saga Jihen”

This jazzy tune hails from the Franchouchou THE BEST CD, and features Yuugiri on lead vocals. With lots of Taisho Era coolness and Saga sights, this is a perfect song for the legendary courtesan.

As with all things ZOMBIE LAND SAGA, the music video for “Saga Jigen” highlights cool things about the group’s home prefecture. In particular, you’ll see the idols dancing on Chikugo River Lift Bridge, an iconic sight in the city of Morodomi. While now open to pedestrians, it was once a part of the Saga Railway Line.


“Tokkou Dance”

Biker girl Saki is a force to be reckoned with in ZOMBIE LAND SAGA, and late in the first season she confronts her violent past. But, reborn as a zombie idol, she learns to save the day the way an idol would: with music.

“Tokkou Dance” is an upbeat tune with a bosozoku vibe. We get to hear Saki leading the group in full boss mode. And not only is she a good boss, she’s a great performer. We love the inspiring tribute to the biker spirit, even if we’re not nearly as cool as Saki herself.


“Mezame Returner ELECTRIC”

One of Franchouchou’s recurring songs in ZOMBIE LAND SAGA is “Mezame Returner,” a song about walking the path of your dreams even in the face of uncertainty. It’s also linked closely to the story arc of Ai Mizuno, one of the group’s few professional idols. As she braves the very thing that brought about her untimely demise, we get a super cool remix of the tune.

It’s very literally “electric,” and the girls put on an amazing light show as they do a new take on their own tune. Plus, the moment is a beautiful benchmark for both Ai as a solo performer and Franchouchou as a whole. It’s a reminder that, even though they’ve been through some pretty terrible things, they’ve still got an amazing life… er, un-life… ahead of them.

What tunes will you be listening to while you wait for ZOMBIE LAND SAGA REVENGE?

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