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ZOMBIE LAND SAGA REVENGE Brings New Challenges for Undead Idols

Zombie Land Saga Revenge has a lot in store

It’s here at last! ZOMBIE LAND SAGA REVENGE has premiered, and the strange journey of idol group Franchouchou continues. Things aren’t quite where we left them, and there are new challenges ahead. But what exactly can we expect to see this season?

The early episodes have given a hint of what’s to come. We can only guess at the season’s big finale. But it sure does look like our favorite undead idols have a big storm coming.


New Responsibilities

Shouting at zombies

Even while ZOMBIE LAND SAGA was off the air, the real Franchouchou wasn’t gathering any moss. The unit’s real-world counterpart has done concerts, released merchandise, and done tourism specials for their home prefecture. And this season, their in-show responsibilities ramp up, too.

We saw Franchouchou engaging in a variety of idol activities last season. After regaining their footing in episode 1 of REVENGE, the girls are stepping up to something new: a radio show. Episode 2 shows how they got there, joining celebs across Japan in having their own radio chat show. What else will they take on as they re-address their rise to stardom?


New Problems


The initial problem the girls of ZOMBIE LAND SAGA had was… you know… the zombie thing. Each of our girls died with regrets — personal, career, whatever the heck is up with Tae. In that first season, each found new life and new meaning as members of Franchouchou.

But now that they’re secure in their unlives, there’s new drama arising. Group captain Saki felt it herself: the knowledge that she’ll never actually grow up. For some (Lily included), that’s a dream come true. But as much as their zombie lives gave them new purpose, it seems they’re learning what they’ve lost in return.


A Time Limit

Kotaro having a normal one

The first season of ZOMBIE LAND SAGA closed out on a massive mystery: what the heck is Kotaro doing? We’ve seen breadcrumbs leading back to the early days of Saga, hinting at ancient historical figures, and even tying into protagonist Sakura’s previous life. But we kick off season 2 with a distraught Kotaro all but giving up on Franchouchou. He eventually returns to the role of their intrepid (and possibly insane) manager. But before that, he makes mention of a “time limit.”

Apparently Kotaro’s plan to revitalize Saga using zombie idols has an expiration date of sorts… but for what? Or for whom? Is he on a deadline? Does he owe someone results by a certain date? Or is the cutoff something much more permanent? There are a lot of things we still don’t know, both about Kotaro and his plan. Whether we’ll get those answers this season is anyone’s guess… but the tension is on.

ZOMBIE LAND SAGA REVENGE is running right now, so you can get more music and action every week!

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