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Full Trailer for Child of Kamiari Month Debuts with miwa Song

child of kamiari month

The anime movie Child of Kamiari Month (a.k.a. Kamiari no Kodomo in Japanese) is hitting theaters in Japan on October 8. While Anime Expo Lite event attendees got a sneak peek screening last month, the first full trailer for Child of Kamiari Month has debuted for everyone to see. In it you can hear the theme song “Kanna” being performed by singer-songwriter miwa.

According to the trailer, Kou Shibasaki has been cast to play the protagonist’s mother, Yayoi Hayama. Meanwhile, Arata Iura has been cast as the protagonist’s father, Norimasa Hayama.

The protagonist, Kanna, is played by Aju Makita, who was in the live-action Shino-chan wa Jibun no Namae ga Ienai. Maaya Sakamoto, who played Hitomi in Escaflowne, is Shiro, a magical rabbit messenger sent by the gods. Miyu Irino, who played Haku in Spirited Away, is going to be playing an oni.

Credits for the original work go to Toshinari Shinohe, who is also taking care of the planning, but credits for the original concept go to Takana Shirai. Shirai is also animation director. The animation is being produced by Tetsuro Satomi, who is representative director at LIDEN FILMS. Kazuya Sakamoto of She and Her Cat -Everything Flows- has been dubbed creation director.

Character design is being done by Haruka Sagawa. Tetsurō Takita and Ryūta Miyake co-wrote the movie’s screenplay. The movie is also being planned and produced by Michihiko Suwa (who has worked on Detective Conan movies) as well as Teppei Mishima.

The story is about a girl who lost her mother and gets otherworldly help while she travels to Izumo, where the gods are said to get together in October.

The project has been helped by three crowdfunding projects. The first took place in spring of 2019, and the most recent one occurred from April to June earlier this year.

Source: ANN


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