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Child of Kamiari Month Anime Film Gets First Look at Anime Expo

child of kamiari month

If you’ve been looking forward to seeing what the Child of Kamiari Month anime film is all about, you’ll get your chance this month. This weekend we have the streaming of Anime Expo Lite to look forward to from July 3-4, and one of the events includes a first look at the feature with some very special guests.

Among the guests during the preview will be producer Michihiko Suwa (Detective Conan, City Hunter, Inuyasha, Magic Knight Rayearth), as well as writer Toshinari Shinohe and producer Uko Oshia. Look for insight into the film from the group along with a chance to see more of what it’s all about ahead of its premiere.

The Child of Kamiari Month first look is scheduled for Saturday, July 3 at 2:45pm Pacific Time.


This is a story of a 12-year-old girl, Kanna, born as a descendant of the Gods. Her family has a mission to deliver offerings from all over Japan to the Gods’ gathering in Izumo. Although Kanna’s mother was to complete the mission, her passing prompted Kanna to finish the task, hoping she could reunite with her dead mother in the Gods’ land at the end of her journey.

What is Kamiari Month?

Japanese people believe that spirits and gods dwell inside various things. There are gods of the water, wood, and even gods that keep us safe from sickness. Every October, thousands of gods leave their places of residence to gather in the Izumo region to have a conference. As such, October is also called Kamiari month – only in the Izumo region – which means the month with gods, and Kannazuki – in every other region – which means the month without gods. Produced by Cretica Universal, the film is slated for international release later this year.

Tickets for Anime Expo Lite’s virtual event are $5 each, with all proceeds going to the Hate is a Virus commUNITY Action Fun.

Source: Press release