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Fruits Basket -prelude- Episode is Coming to Theaters in Japan

fruits basket

More information has been revealed for the Fruits Basket -prelude- anime, which is a special episode that’s all about Tohru Honda’s parents. The prequel episode is now set to make its debut theatrically in Japan on February 18, 2022.

The installment will cover how Tohru’s parents met, which was shown in Natsuki Takaya’s manga but not in the final season of the latest anime adaptation. There will also be a digest episode of the anime series, as well as a new episode featuring Tohru and Kyo, set after the series and narrated by Kyo.

Check out the visual for the special:

The voice cast from the anime will be back for more, of course, with Miyuki Sawashiro voicing Kyoko and Yoshimasa Hosoya voicing Katsuya.

Via Funimation