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The Firefighting Hunks of Fire In His Fingertips Return for Second Season

The Firefighting Hunks of Fire In His Fingertips Return for Second SeasonThe smokin’ hot firefighters of Fire In His Fingertips are back for another NSFW season of anime. That’s the word from ComicFesta, the folks who produce adult-oriented anime in safe-for-TV and not-kids’-stuff web versions.

The first season of the fiery firefighting anime aired back in 2019.

As with most ComicFesta anime, the TV version and “premium” adult version feature different casts—ostensibly, the “premium” cast being more comfortable/better with, uh, that kind of scene.

The second season will begin airing this July. It also looks like fans will be able to get their hands on bed sheets featuring characters from the series starting soon.

Fire In His Fingertips is based on a manga by Kawano Tanishi which has been released in English by Ghost Ship. Here’s how they describe it:

Ryo tries to set up her strapping fireman friend, Souma, with a co-worker from her office, but her matchmaking efforts hit a brick wall. It turns out that Souma has the hots for Ryo instead! And when a fire breaks out in Ryo’s apartment, it’s Souma who comes to the rescue and the heat really gets turned up for the fiery couple!

Source: ANN

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