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Latest Adult Anime Series from ComicFesta Drops in January

Latest ComicFesta Adult Anime Series Drops in JanuaryThe latest adult anime from ComicFesta, the producers of series that are too hot for TV, is on the way. The series is called JimiHen—!! ~Jimiko o Kaechaū Jun Isei Kōyū~, and it’s set to hit screens and the web in January.

JimiHen is about a “plain” office worker named Rena Yukuhashi who is secretly a bodacious babe outside of work. Coworker Ryohei Hachiya, discovering Yukuhashi’s hidden hotness, invites her to “get to know each other better”—in front of a love hotel! Oops!

The full title translates to something like Pure Heterosexual Intercourse That Transforms a Plain Girl, says ANN. It stars Kazane as Yukuhashi and Mahito Kawamura as Hachiya.

If you’re not familiar with these ComicFesta series, here’s the deal: they’re created in too versions, one for late-night TV—still sexy, but with cuts for broadcast—and a “premium” version that’s only shown on ComicFesta’s website. Usually there are two voice casts, one for each version, but that doesn’t seem to be the case this time.

The ComicFesta adult anime series also includes the Fire in His Fingertips, which tells the tale of hot firefighting hunks.

JimiHen is based on a manga by Iburo. It hits screens January 4.

Latest ComicFesta Adult Anime Series Drops in January Latest ComicFesta Adult Anime Series Drops in January

Source: Comic Natalie

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