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Akihabara Adult VR Festival Gathers Sellout Crowd

Before he hit it big with I Am a Hero, artist Kengo Hanazawa wrote a manga called Ressentiment about men entering an online world in which VR goggles and special body suits allowed them to, uh, know the touch of a woman.

A few short years later, Ressentiment has become a reality. Case in point: this last Sunday’s Adult VR Festival 01, held in – where else? – Tokyo’s otaku mecca Akihabara.

The festival, in which participants could don VR glasses and take adult-oriented virtual reality games for a spin, attracted so many would-be participants they were forced to turn people away, promising they would hold volume 02 in August.

Twitter users described the scene as “chaos.”

Those lucky enough to get in to the festival were able to don not only VR goggles, but various implements designed to stimulate other parts of the body.

Now, we’re ostensibly an all-ages friendly site, so if you want to see exactly what we’re talking about, you’ll have to click the source link below, and remember, this is all pretty not-safe-for-work stuff.

For better or worse, the future (of adult entertainment) appears to be now.

Source: Yaraon

Matt Schley

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