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Dark Matter Season One Brings Its Deep Space Action to Blu-ray

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When a ragtag group of six stowaways awakens from stasis in the depths of outer space aboard a derelict ship named Raza, they quickly find themselves with no choice but to roam the galaxy on a quest for answers. Their action-packed, dramatic adventure begins in Dark Matter Season One, and

Since the crew of the starship Raza have no memories of how they got there in the first place, they choose to give themselves the names One through Six to mark the order in which they awakened. As they venture into the unknown in search of their respective pasts, they’ll face countless threats, from vengeance and betrayal to a healthy dose of hidden secrets and intrigue. 

Based on a series of science fiction comics created by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie of the Stargate series, Dark Matter was produced by Prodigy Pictures, the studio behind Lost Girl. Get ready for this summer’s debut of season two by catching up with

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