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Final Fantasy VII Remake Box Art Gets Nostalgic

The wait keeps getting shorter and shorter for Final Fantasy VII Remake, which hits PS4 on March 3, 2020. Well, the first part does… there’s still no word on how many parts there will be after the retooled Midgar section. Still, with the release on the horizon, Square Enix went ahead and shared a peek at the nostalgic art on the remake’s official cover.

To anyone who has seen Final Fantasy VII even at a glance over the years, this illustration will be intimately familiar. We recently posted about the full key art, but this take is more in line with the original as far as presentation is concerned.

final fantasy vii remake

Still, it’s interesting that the cover doesn’t bother mentioning that this is only a fraction of the full story. We’ll have to wait and see if Square Enix ends up clarifying that in the months leading up to release. Hopefully they’ll at least slap a sticker on the box!

Source: Twitter