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Feature Watch: Harlock in the Sea of Stars!

You may have seen our online review of the new Captain Harlock CG-animated feature film, but you’ll want to crack open the latest issue of Otaku USA magazine for a proper look into the past. Resident space pirate Daryl Surat takes a long, stoic look at what makes Captain Harlock a man not to be messed with, from his iconic ship Arcadia to his tendency to ram it into enemies with reckless abandon.

There’s much more to the man than that, however, and we’re lucky to live in a world where we can actually pick up the full 42-episode run of the 1978 Rintaro-directed Space Pirate Captain Harlock anime. Be sure to read the full feature in the mag for more on the series, with a nice little helping of movie coverage on the side.

Read our full story on Captain Harlock in the February 2014 issue of Otaku USA Magazine. On sale now, it also includes in-depth coverage of Evangelion 3.0Robotics;Notes, and more of your favorite anime, manga, games, and music.

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