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Feature Watch: DRAMAtical Murder

In the latest issue of Otaku USA magazine, one of our features has Kristina Potts taking a look at the DRAMAtical Murder anime, based on the original boys’ love visual novel. In the feature Kristina talks about the anime’s origins, touching on how it made the transition from a more adult game to the way it appears in the Kazuya Miura-directed series.

Here’s an excerpt regarding that aspect:

If you know anything about DRAMAtical Murder, the game, just learning the news of its transition into anime would likely spur you to raise an eyebrow. Yes, the source material is yaoi and decidedly adults only, but the show nixes the naughty bits in favor of placing its focus on the overarching plot, which is pretty fascinating on its own. It’s very light on blatant Boys’ Love content—the most fujoshi can look forward to is a couple kisses—but all “love interests,” if they can be considered as such in the anime, get their time in the spotlight. While the show begins by following the game’s general route, there is a shift at the midpoint to devoting an episode to each guy, condensing all the key points of their stories. While these abridged tales are a wee bit disjointed and rushed, overall DRAMAtical Murder, the anime, presents a cohesive tale.

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