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Japanese companies pixiv, Media Do International, Inc. and Clover Press have all come together to put their art books ARTISTS IN TAIWAN and ARTISTS IN KOREA on Kickstarter. pixiv is exclusively offering Otaku USA readers a first look at some of the artwork featured in both books.

Some of the artists in the ARTISTS IN KOREA book are 링 / Ring:



Some of the artists in the ARTISTS IN TAIWAN book are Mizumizu:


and Pixel Jeff:

All told, more than 150 artists are showcased in both books. People interested in supporting can check out the Kickstarter page here.

pixiv Senior VP of Creator’s Platform Division Takahiko Kato also exclusively told Otaku USA:

“There are over 84 million registered users on pixiv, and half of them are from outside of Japan. Since 2007, pixiv has consistently been the best place for artists to post and archive their own art. In our fast-moving world, pixiv is a service that preserves these artworks and a hub for creators and fans to always communicate and share what they love. Everyone can find something they are interested in at pixiv.

Pixiv also has a history of working with companies for brands such as Pokémon, hololive, Detective Conan, Cyberpunk2077 and more to connect fandoms through collaborations, events and contests.

Drawfest, an online multi-artist online drawing festival presented by pixiv and Wacom, launched in 2021. Popular creators from around the world participated, including Mika Pikazo, Heikala, Loish, Zeronis and Guweiz, and we worked with famous brands such as Genshin Impact, to create original art and build community through live streaming workshops and lectures. More than 10,000 creators attended Drawfest simultaneously in Japanese and English to learn and improve their skills in a multi-artist live event.

Besides operating creation-posting platform pixiv.net, pixiv also runs fan community service FANBOX, C2C marketplace BOOTH, 3D character maker VRoid and other creator communities and services.

In the future, we want to participate in more [offline] events around the globe, to introduce pixiv’s world to the creators and fans whose passion is creating and supporting art.”


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