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ERASED Creator Launches New Manga in March

ERASED Creator Launches New Manga in MarchHey, remember ERASED, aka Boku dake ga inai Machi? We dug that manga, so we’re happy to see that ERASED creator Kei Sanbe is launching a new one.

The new manga by Sanbe is called Otogi no Hako no Reto, and it’s set to hit the pages of Square Enix’s Big Gangan magazine on March 25.

Unlike the modern ERASED, Otogi no Hako no Reto will be about sword-fighting in “the northern country.” Ostensibly that means Hokkaido, since the manga is being created with consulting from an organization dedicated to native Ainu culture. Golden Kamuy fans take note!

Here’s how Yen Press describes Sanbe’s manga ERASED:

Twenty-nine-year-old Satoru Fujinuma is floundering through life. Amid his daily drudgery, he finds himself in the grip of an incredible, inexplicable, and uncontrollable phenomenon that rewinds time, a condition that seems to only make his drab life worse. But then, one day, everything changes. A terrible incident forever changes Satoru’s life as he knows it and with it, comes a “Revival” that sends Satoru eighteen years into the past!
In the body of his boyhood self, Satoru encounters sights he never imagined he would see again the smile of his mother, alive and well, his old friends, and Kayo Hinazuki, the girl who was kidnapped and murdered when he was a boy the first time around. To return to the present and prevent the tragedy that brought him back to his childhood in the first place, Satoru begins plotting a way to change Hinazuki’s fate. But up against the clock and a faceless evil, does eleven-year-old Satoru even stand a chance?

Source: ANN

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