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Dragon Ball Z & One Piece 4D Events Previewed

Osaka’s Universal Studios Japan will be holding limited Universal Jump Summer attractions this year, featuring showings inspired by Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and Death Note. Dragon Ball Z The Real 4-D will run July 1 – September 4, One Piece Premium Summer runs July 1 – October 2, and Death Note The Escape runs July 1 – September 4. 

Commercials were posted for the first two events. Dragon Ball Z‘s has Super Saiyan Goku taking on Frieza in an intense 4-D attraction, while One Piece‘s continues to highlight the grand scale of Eiichiro Oda’s series and the strong bond among the Straw Hat pirates. 

While there’s not a preview for it, the Death Note attraction will have players working together with Detective L to solve mysteries in a realistic escape game. 

Via Crunchyroll