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Digimon Collab Café Offers Up Seriously Scrumptious Snacks


Whether you’re a true Digi-Destined or just an average citizen, all you have to do to eat like a Digimon trainer is hop on a flight to Japan. Digimon cooked up a summer collaboration with Tower Records that includes a collab café with plenty of Digimon Adventure-themed treats, including some impressively-crafted Agumon meat stew.

You can see that below, followed by other enticing menu items like Gabumon’s Pointy Burger, Gatomon’s Holy Ring Bagel Sandwich, and more.


Even the lattes are perfectly in character:

Finally, here’s a sample of the merch that will be for sale at the Digi-Destined Café, which will be open at the Tower Records Omotesando Café from July 13-31, with the menu switching out on July 22.

Source: Anime! Anime!