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Little Witch Academia Gets Its Own VR Broom Racing Game

little witch academia

Look, whether it’s in Harry Potter or Little Witch Academia, when we see brooms, we wanna ride them! Thankfully, we’ll be able to scratch that impossible itch at long last with developer Univrs’ newly revealed Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing game.

Due out in spring 2020 on as-yet-unannounced devices, VR Broom Racing will take its first spin through crowdfunding platforms. Campaigns are on the way to Campfire and Kickstarter, with both set to run from July 3 to August 17.

The game itself will be all about racing around on brooms next to characters from Trigger’s Little Witch Academia anime. Univrs hopes to reduce the odds of motion sickness through its own motion sickness prevention technique, and you can see a teaser of what’s being cooked up below.

The official website is also live.

Via Gematsu