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The Digimon Adventure tri. Saga Continues with Part 3 on Home Video

Featured Spotlight: Shout! Factory

Both the human and digital worlds continue to deal with the threat of infected Digimon, and Tai and his friends are still haunted by recent events. The Digi-Destined have their hopes set on a solution, but their latest adventure is about to get even more complicated in Digimon Adventure tri.: Confession. The saga continues in the third entry in a series of six movies, and it’s now available to own on Blu-ray and DVD!

digimon adventure

The Digimon may be quarantined for the time being, but they’re not the only threat on the horizon. There’s also the matter of a mysterious message that suddenly appears across all electrical devices, declaring, “The Digimon will be released again.” Mass panic ensues, and it seems these drastic times may call for the most drastic measure of all: A complete “reboot” to reset the Digital World entirely. However, going through with this could cause the Digimon to lose all memories of their human companions.

Shout! Factory’s release marks Confession‘s first U.S. appearance on Blu-ray and DVD, and the cast from the original Digimon Adventure TV series are all back to reprise their roles in this thrilling midpoint to the feature film series.

digimon adventure

The Digimon Adventure tri. movies are something fans and newcomers alike can appreciate. Those who grab their copy of the Confession Blu-ray and DVD on Shout! Factory’s website can also look forward to an exclusive lithograph featuring the new cover art. The 18″ x 24″ bonus will only be available while supplies last, though, so grab your copy and get in on the latest stage of the adventure today.

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