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Despera Back In Production, Says ABe

Fans of the late 90s cyberpunk anime Serial Experiments Lain (myself very much included) were psyched by the announcement in 2009 of a new anime, Despera, that would reunite Lain’s screenwriter, Chiaki J. Konaka, character designer Yoshitoshi ABe, and director Ryutaro Nakamura.

However, many assumed the Despera project was no more after the unfortunate passing of director Nakamura in 2013.

According to designer ABe, though, the project is back on with a new director. ABe made the announcement at Overlord Comic Convention in Auckland, New Zealand.

Despera is the story of a sci-fi story set in 1922 centered around a young girl in Tokyo named Ain (one letter removed from Lain, I just realized) who builds devices far more advanced than should be possible in her era.

A written version of the story with illustrations by ABe was published in Animage from 2009 to 2010.

Let the speculation on the new director begin…



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Matt Schley

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