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Dead Dead Demon’s Dededededestruction Manga Comes to an End

dead dead demon's

In November, manga author Inio Asano revealed that the Dead Dead Demon’s Dededededestruction manga had just 10 chapters left. Now an update has arrived with official timing for the conclusion, which is… now! Asano’s manga had its final chapter run in the pages of Shogakukan’s Weekly Big Comic Spirits magazine on February 28, putting a bow on a series that has been running in the magazine since April 2014.

Asano had quite a few hiatuses for the series between its launch and the conclusion. Next up for Dead Dead Demon’s Dededededestruction is the 12th and final collected volume, which is scheduled to ship in Japan on March 30. There will also be an “important announcement” on March 23, so stay tuned for that.

VIZ Media publishes Inio Asano’s manga in English, and describes it like so:

“The Japan Self-Defense Forces are still looking for a way to combat the alien threat, but so far conventional weapons have had no effect. Maybe it’s time to try something unconventional.

Meanwhile, Kadode Koyama and her best friend avidly track the aliens’ movements on social media and less enthusiastically study for college entrance exams. When the end of the world looms overhead, you learn to take things one step at a time.”

Via Anime News Network