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Creative Animal Crossing Player Recreates Comiket in Game

animal crossing

Comiket 98 may have been canceled, but that isn’t stopping one crafty would-be attendee from making an event of their own. Twitter user Yukierock took to the one place where creativity and socializing come together safely, Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

While the extensive lines and photographers surrounding amazing cosplayers may not be accounted for here, the end result is nonetheless an accurate representation of one of the world’s biggest otaku events. Check out a sample below, from the sign-in desk to all the doujinshi circle tables complete with stacks of boxes behind them.

The virtual Comiket will be open this weekend Japan Time, so keep an eye on Yukierock’s Twitter if you want to find out how to visit their island!

Source: Yukierock on Twitter via Crunchyroll