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More Familiar Sights from Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop dropped its latest trailer, with more notable nodsits new trailer

With less than a month until its premiere, Netflix has shown us more of its Cowboy Bebop adaptation. The first full trailer launched during a live stream event, alongside a cast Q&A and some exclusive footage.

There’s still a lot to see, but we’ve caught sight of a few more familiar moments in the trailer. These are a few of our favorites. How many did you see?


A Certain Rose

The real folk blues

One of the most impactful images in Cowboy Bebop is a single red rose in the rain. It shows up at the very end of each episode, but it ties specifically into one certain event. Even if you haven’t seen the entire series, you’ll have seen this particular shot.

We already know the adaptation is going to spend a decent amount of time on Spike’s life prior to the Bebop, as seen in flashbacks in the anime. And we’ve both seen a recreation of the moment in front of the stained glass window and heard “Green Bird.” So even now, we’re getting a peek at what played out during “Ballad of Fallen Angels.”


Brain Scratch

Brain Scratch

In episode 23 of Cowboy Bebop, the crew encounters a cult that will allegedly let a person upload their consciousness into a digital form. While this is a significantly late story — and one that requires the participation of the as-yet-unrevealed Ed — we do get a definitive glimpse of it.

The brief moment shows Spike in front of a monitor bearing the all-seeing-eye logo of Dr. Londes and S.C.R.A.T.C.H. And later in the trailer, we see Spike settling into a chair, putting on what appears to be one of the upload devices seen in the anime. The stack of televisions in the opening hinted that we would see this episode get adapted, but this is our confirmation. Though it seems things may play out a little differently…


Ein in Transit


If you were fortunate enough to sit in on the Cowboy Bebop trailer premiere live stream, you got all sorts of goodies. Amongst them was an exclusive scene featuring everyone’s favorite space good boy, Ein the data dog. It hints at another somewhat altered take on the story. But we definitely get a shot of Ein in transit, as he was in “Stray Dog Strut.” How do we know? It says it right there on the tin. Er, suitcase.

With all these things put together, it looks like we can expect a lot of familiar moments — addressed in unfamiliar ways. We’ve seen scenes that look ripped straight out of the anime. But the more that comes out, the more it looks like fans of the original anime still still have a few surprises in store for them.

Cowboy Bebop premieres on Netflix on November 19. But if you were in the audience tonight, you may have scored a chance to see the first two episodes early.

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