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Cosplaying Pianist YouTuber Gains 1.5 Million Followers

Cosplaying Pianist YouTuber Gains 1.5 Million FollowersIf The Algorithm has deemed you worthy, there’s a good chance you’ve already seen a video or two from cosplayer/pianist YouTuber Pan Piano. The YouTube star has now gained over 1.5 million followers for her spirited renditions of famous anime and game theme songs, high-quality cosplay and, uh… well, just check out the thumbnails.

Pan Piano recently did an interview in which she revealed a bit about herself. She’s from Taiwan, lives in New Taipei City, and works as piano instructor. She has been into anime and games from Japan since she was a kid, and learned them to study Japanese.

The YouTuber says that her favorite three videos so far have been “Gurenge” from Demon Slayer, “Theme of One Punch Man” from One-Punch Man and “This game No Game No Life” from No Game No Life.

The pianist also says that she started cosplaying in the videos because she thought it would be a way to viewers to “get deeper into the music.” I’m not sure that’s exactly how I’d describe the effect of her cosplay, but hey, it seems to be doing something.

Have you caught a Pan Piano performance yet? What do you think of her, uh, skills?

Source: Otakomu

Matt Schley

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